Portable Appliance Testing

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Each electrical appliance is visually inspected for signs of damage.

The plug, cable and fuse are inspected. An appropriate test sequence is selected according to the type of appliance.

The appliance is then plugged into the PAT Tester for testing. The electrical item is then logged and labelled.

Upon completion, a PAT certificate is given to the customer with a breakdown of all the results.

Free repairs

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Minor faults found during the course of the inspection will be repaired as we find them and the appliance re-tested. All minor repairs are carried out free of charge, including the following:

  • Replacement of faulty or damaged mains plug
  • Replacement of damaged or incorrectly rated fuses
  • Re-wiring of incorrect connections in the mains plug
  • Repair to faulty cable grips in the mains plug
  • Minor repairs requiring less than ten minutes labour
  • Re-test following repair


Did you know?...

Health and Safety Executive

The Health & Safety Executive reported that almost a quarter of all reportable electrical accidents at work involve portable equipment.